Top Wedding Photography Trends You Should Look Out For

Top Wedding Photography Trends You Should Look Out For

Every year the wedding season keeps getting more stylish and extravagant as ever! With the wedding themes changing every now & then, wedding photography is not left behind. The modern-age weddings are observing a major shift in the wedding photography trends that you might wish to know about if you are expecting any wedding celebration in the recent times.

For those who are getting married in the coming times, it is high time that you make use of the latest wedding photography trends that help you make some memorable moments for a lifetime. Here are some of the best wedding photography trends that you would like to watch out for:

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

The world is going gaga over attractive pre-wedding photo shoots. Every couple out there wishes to go for a high-end, dreamy pre-wedding photo shoot that spice up the overall wedding feel. With both the bride-to-be & the groom-to-be dressed up in their best attires, the pre-wedding photo shoots turn out to be immensely fun and exciting. As such, you too can hire a professional wedding photographer to go for a remarkable pre-wedding photography session.

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

This wedding trend has been in existence for quite a time now, but it continues gaining attraction for several reasons. If this is new to you, an unplugged wedding ceremony is the one that prevents your guests from taking any pictures of videos during the main ceremony. With the immense affordability of the DSLRs and smartphone cameras, the ruined wedding ceremony photographs have become quite a common issue. As such, most wedding organizers nowadays opt for the “no photo or video” policy and leave the tasks to the professional photographers & videographers only.

Drone Wedding Photography

Drones are undeniably pretty cool and worthwhile in making your big day even more special. The drone photography skills adopted by modern-age wedding photographers aim at offering unique aspects to your wedding that would be otherwise unimaginable to capture. Drone photography is a relatively new form of wedding photography trend and is rapidly adopted by wedding organizers across the world. With perfect wedding shots from all possible angles, the wedding photographs are a true magic to the eyes later on.

Same Day Edits

One of the most fun photography trends that has been predominating the wedding photography industry is the “same day edits”. Some of the couples out there are way too impatient and would like to get their special moments captured in its physical copy the same day itself. As such, they ask the wedding photographer to go for “same day edits” such that they are able to share the photographs during the wedding reception as a slideshow.


Several photographers out there post fun wedding teasers to make the guests feel special about the main occasion. Most couples nowadays want the wedding photographs to be posted as around 10-20 fully edited images before the wedding night is over.

Look out for the best wedding photography trends out there!

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The Best Wedding Themes For You

Getting married is a joyous occasion that only happens once for most people. However, making sure that you choose the correct theme for your wedding is something which many couples will puzzle over in the months and even sometimes years leading up to the big day. To try and help you with this choice, we’re taking a look at some of the best wedding themes you could have for your special day.


The Traditional Wedding


Why change what has worked well for many years? The traditional wedding is still a very popular choice for a lot of couples, and is always a good idea for those who don’t want something silly or alternative. These kinds of weddings almost always take place in a church, and are often very formal events with a long flowing wedding dress or elegant evening dresses and a traditional tuxedo. For those of you who want an old fashioned wedding that’s very much like something out of a movie, then this is for you.


The 1920’s Wedding


Another wedding which has inspired many is one which is harking back to the 1920’s, when everything was in excess and people lived the high life. Films like the Great Gatsby have transported people back to a time of free flowing alcohol, a lot of loud music, and a real atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement. If that appeals to you, then a 1920’s wedding may well be exactly what you’re after. Loud clothing, flashy dresses and a real dance beat are all the things that make a 1920’s wedding so appealing. Oh, and some champagne wouldn’t go amiss either.


The Rustic Wedding


For those of you who don’t appreciate the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities, why not go for a rustic wedding which is set in the beautiful countryside? From getting married in the church of a quiet little village, to having your wedding reception at a country house or a barn, there’s something very romantic about celebrating your union surrounded by rolling fields of green, and nothing but farms and sleepy little villages as far as the eye can see.


A Beach Wedding?


Why not get married on a beach? Trade dress shoes for flip flops, and invite all of your friends and family to a stunning locale, and then marry the person you love against a backdrop of the ocean at sunset. In terms of romance, there’s very few places that can compete with that.


No matter what the theme of your wedding, it is worth taking time to consider wedding car transportation, of which we can highly recommend this fife wedding car specialist called CarSeekers.co.uk who were superb from the moment we contacted them.



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Product Review: Organic Soaps from Sabai Soaps

Of the products available from Sabai Soaps, one of the most unusual or natural soaps they have is that of the Green Seaweed Soap. First impressions, the packaging and smell of the soaps are second to none. They truly are luxury premium soaps. Continue reading →

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